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Handel na Forex Ważne informacje o Forex dla inwestorów

Contents Prognoza kursu funta: GBP/USD osłabi się na początku 2023 roku? Śledź kursy online Przegląd dnia Dane NFP zaskakują rynek! Kurs dolara wyraźnie zyskuje Waluty Forex Pivot Fed czyli zmianę w polityce banku centralnego, niemniej wczorajsze potwierdzenie tej tezy przez Powella przyniosło euforię na rynku akcji i cofnięcie na dolarze amerykańskim. Aktualnie podwyżka stóp […]

Evening Star Pattern: How to Identify a Bearish Reversal in Crypto

Contents Forex, Gold & Silver: #1 Set the Right Chart Time Frame Evening Star Candlestick Pattern: How to Trade It in 7 Steps Bearish Evening Star Candle Pattern At Resistance Or, it should appear at the end of the bearish correction pattern. Margin trading involves a high level of risk and is not suitable for […]

Euro Dollar Exchange Rate EUR USD Historical Chart

Contents: USD Snapshot Currency Explorer EURUSD Historical Data How Has the Euro Created Volatility in the EUR USD Pair? We’ll take a look at the origins of this FX pair in the greater arch of Forex history, before investigating how central bank action and other factors have affected its Forex historical data. Naturally, due to […]


Contents Forex Risk-Reward Ratio MT4 Indicator FREE Download Best Forex Indicators to Use When Trading J2JMA – indicator for MetaTrader 5 – Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) There are different, from simple ones to extremely complex ones. There are many ways to identify support and resistance levels. Investors can use price action to confirm […]